"Jackie has a calm about he that is contagious.  She is always herself and very understanding of the needs of the class and participants"


"Jackie models the behaviors and avoids making it too acedemic"


The pre and the post surveys which ask participants to rate their perceived medical symptoms have show a 50% reduction after attending the 8 week program.

"Jackie is Genuine and sincere in her approach...soothing and confident.  I will happily recommend this class to others"


"Classroom sessions were looked foward to with Jackie's warm and personable approach"

"This class teaches mindful attention to life.  It brought me more happiness that I ever expected."


"Life Changing"

"What I really like about MBSR is that it gives me such a variety of tools to center myself and de-stress.

So whether I have 5 or 50 minutes, there’s always a  “practice”  I can fit into my day.

I also really appreciated Jackie’s easy going heartfelt teaching approach.

Our class had a lot of quiet serene moments but we also had a lot of laughs." - KM

"Jackie is a great teacher.  The class is relaxed with no pressure and what you learn is invaluable"

Mike L

"There is hope"